A project designed to ironically create an antidote to this period we are living through.
Elisir is the light-heartedness and pleasure of a glass of wine, it can pay homage to moments that take us away from everyday problems and, like a potion from the past, make us experience moments of happiness, freedom and longevity.

Experimenting, perhaps the most important and interesting phase in the wine world.
The wine we know today would not exist without the experimentation that takes place day by day in companies all over the world.

From this thought the ELISIR capsule collection was born, a box of three wines born from different experiments carried out between the vineyard and the cellar. ELISIR is a limited edition of 500 numbered bottles, bottles with a design that recalls the world of ancient pharmaceutical laboratories and which give the opportunity to savor some of our experiments for the first time ever.

Design Giacomo Baron
Wine Andrea Sbrissa

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